Building J2ObjC


  • Apple Mac OS X system
  • Latest version of Xcode
  • Apache Maven
  • (Recommended but not required) Google Protocol Buffer source

Note: Maven is no longer distributed with Xcode's command-line tools. Here is a well-written installation guide by Pankaj Kumar.

Building J2ObjC

To build from a command-line in a Terminal window, run:

$ make dist

to build just the translator and libraries,

$ make frameworks

to build the full distribution (including frameworks),

$ make protobuf_dist

to build the protocol buffer compiler and runtime for J2ObjC, and

$ make all_dist

to build everything that is included in the project's distribution bundles.

Optional Setup for Protocol Buffers

To build the optional protocol buffer compiler and runtime, first clone the GitHub google/protobuf repository. Next, define the PROTOBUF_ROOT_DIR environment variable to point to the top-level directory of that cloned repository.

Testing J2ObjC

To test from a command-line in a Terminal window, run:

$ make test

to run translator and library unit tests, and

$ make test_all

to run all unit tests, including for protocol buffers.

Cleaning/Resetting a Build

$ make clean

to remove all files generated by the build.

Parallel Builds

The J2ObjC build supports parallel builds, which are specified using the -j<n> flag, where n is the maximum number of concurrent tasks. The maximum depends on how fast/powerful your system is; we suggest starting with -j4. Increase the number to shorten build times if your system can handle it, and decrease it if make fails with system errors.