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public interface


implements Channel
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Class Overview

Channels that implement this interface can be asynchronously closed and interrupted.

A channel that can be asynchronously closed permits that a thread blocked on an I/O operation (the I/O thread) can be released by another thread calling the channel's close() method. The I/O thread will throw an AsynchronousCloseException and the channel will be closed.

A channel that is interruptible permits a thread blocked on an I/O operation (the I/O thread) to be interrupted by another thread (by invoking interrupt() on the I/O thread). When the I/O thread is interrupted it will throw a ClosedByInterruptException, it will have its interrupted status set and the channel will be closed. If the I/O thread attempts to make an I/O call with the interrupt status set the call will immediately fail with a ClosedByInterruptException.


Public Methods
abstract void close()
Closes the channel.
Inherited Methods
From interface java.nio.channels.Channel
From interface
From interface java.lang.AutoCloseable

Public Methods

public abstract void close ()

Closes the channel.

Any threads that are blocked on I/O operations on this channel will be interrupted with an AsynchronousCloseException. Otherwise, this method behaves the same as defined in the Channel interface.

IOException if an I/O error occurs while closing the channel.