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Package Index - JRE Emulation

android.os Provides basic operating system services, message passing, and inter-process communication on the device.

Provides classes used to render or track text and text spans on the screen.

android.text.util Utilities for converting identifiable text strings into clickable links and creating RFC 822-type message (SMTP) tokens.
android.util Provides common utility methods such as date/time manipulation, base64 encoders and decoders, string and number conversion methods, and XML utilities.
java.beans Provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system.
java.lang Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language.
java.lang.annotation Provides library support for the Java programming language annotation facility.
java.lang.ref Provides reference-object classes, which support a limited degree of interaction with the garbage collector.
java.lang.reflect Provides classes and interfaces for obtaining reflective information about classes and objects.
java.math Provides the classes for implementing networking applications.
java.nio Defines buffers, which are containers for data, and provides an overview of the other NIO packages.
java.nio.channels Defines channels, which represent connections to entities that are capable of performing I/O operations, such as files and sockets; defines selectors, for multiplexed, non-blocking I/O operations.
java.nio.channels.spi Service-provider classes for the java.nio.channels package.
java.nio.charset Defines charsets, decoders, and encoders, for translating between bytes and Unicode characters.
java.nio.charset.spi Service-provider classes for the java.nio.charset package.

Extensible cryptographic service provider infrastructure (SPI) for using and defining services such as Certificates, Keys, KeyStores, MessageDigests, and Signatures.

This package provides all the classes and all the interfaces needed to generate, administer and verify X.509 certificates.

This package provides the interfaces needed to generate: (1) Keys for the RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm using the PKCS#1 standard; (2) Keys for the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) specified by FIPS-186; (3) Keys for a generic Elliptic Curve asymmetric encryption algorithm.

This package provides the classes and interfaces needed to specify keys and parameters for encryption and signing algorithms.

java.sql Provides the API for accessing and processing data stored in a data source (usually a relational database) using the JavaTM programming language.
java.text Provides classes and interfaces for handling text, dates, numbers, and messages in a manner independent of natural languages.
java.util Contains the collections framework, legacy collection classes, event model, date and time facilities, internationalization, and miscellaneous utility classes (a string tokenizer, a random-number generator, and a bit array).
java.util.concurrent Utility classes commonly useful in concurrent programming.
java.util.concurrent.atomic A small toolkit of classes that support lock-free thread-safe programming on single variables.
java.util.concurrent.locks Interfaces and classes providing a framework for locking and waiting for conditions that is distinct from built-in synchronization and monitors.
java.util.function Functional interfaces provide target types for lambda expressions and method references.
java.util.jar Provides classes for reading and writing the JAR (Java ARchive) file format, which is based on the standard ZIP file format with an optional manifest file.

Provides the classes and interfaces of the JavaTM 2 platform's core logging facilities.

java.util.regex Classes for matching character sequences against patterns specified by regular expressions. Classes to support functional-style operations on streams of elements, such as map-reduce transformations on collections. Provides classes for reading and writing the standard ZIP and GZIP file formats.

This package provides the classes and interfaces for cryptographic applications implementing algorithms for encryption, decryption, or key agreement.


This package provides the classes and interfaces needed to specify keys and parameter for encryption.

javax.lang.model.element Provides classes for networking applications.

This package provides classes and interfaces needed to use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and the successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This package provides a framework for authentication and authorization.

This package provides classes and interfaces needed to interact with the application in order to execute the authentication and authorization processes.

This package provides classes needed to store X.500 principals and their credentials.

This package is provided only for compatibility reasons.